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Pumpkin Feast at Kharkov Zoo

Halloween is getting more and more popular in Ukraine. Our animals do not stay away from the celebration. They can't appreciate the art and skill spent to create frightful goofy faces. Still, they are willing to taste them. Therefore pumpkins were used as treats for our animals. Elephants, bears and hippo are greatest lovers of pumpkins. Tendy tried to ingest the whole pumpkin at one time, Himalayan Bears took their treats to their dens to eat it in disguise.


Our brown bear Vasya and racoons used a creative approach. The bear started careful dismantling a pyramid construction of pumpkins using great agility. Racoons snatched juicy pulp out of openings. Finally it turned out that they were looking for pumpkin seeds. 

Hippo and monkeys got baskets made of pumpkin that were stuffed with apples, pears, carrots, sea-buckthorn berries. Tiger and lions stayed indifferent to pumpkins as treats. However, they used it as a ball in their play.

Halloween was celebrated duing several days. Schoolchildren from school N89 had brought about 200 pumpkins for our animals. All of the pumpkins were parts of special exhibition dedicated to the event. Besides pumpkins, schoolchildren also brought apples, pears and carrots.