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Пробуждение медведей

They are greedily inhaling vernal air relishing its freshness and putiry. All this is about our bandy-legged who woke up from hibernal sleep. Six brown bears and three Himalayan bears are still a bit lingering. The reason for that is low temperature. When it warms up a little they will become more agile. Night frosts drag the bandy-legged back into their dens where warm straw beds are waiting for them. 


After our bears rise from hibernal sleep their diet is quite light. Vernal air includes oat grass, carrots, apples, various cereals. Fish and meat is included bit by bit so that digestive system will not be overloaded. During this period it is not recommended to give bears "hard greasy foods" as after hibernal sleep bears live on "hungry menu" in the wild. It is a rare case when they are lucky enough to find a carcass of a dead animal which got appeared from the snow and defrosted. Or Sometimes they may get across leftovers of prey of other carnivores. Only in May when vegetation appears there appear lots of small animals (from ants to mice) and the "fast period" is over.