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Pet Animals' Day

It is Pet Animals' Day today. This means that dogs, cats, fishes, hamsters, chinchillas and hedgehogs and many other pets are waiting for presents and special attention. Thousands of years ago such attitude would have also been expressed by suh animals like monkeys and caracals because they used to be domestic animals as well. Caracals were used for hunting, monkeys made life funnier. But such a holiday was announced long after, in 1931 at the International Congress of Nature Protection Adherers. 

Various ecological institutions and nature protection societies claimed their reafilness to organize events targeted at raising public awareness of human responsibility for live world of the planet, domestic animals as well. Since then the event is celebrated at the 30th of November and is dedicated to all domescticated animals in order to remind the humanity of its responsibility for "the little brothers". No wonder that the motto of the Day consists of words from a book by Saint-Exupery, "We are responsible for those whom we have tamed". 

Animal protection events, rallies in support of creation of an animal clinic, photo exhibitions and education lectures, all they set the only target, that is raising awareness of the public, in the first place of new generations, of problems of animals (homeless animals among them).

People shouls understand that animals need care and attention and they are no toys.

Treat your animals kindly and lovingly, they will always respond to you with the same feelings!


Всемирный день домашних животных