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Our Naughty Child Elisey

The winter seems not to retreat. Bitter frosts have come to Kharkov. Our gorgeous tiger male Elisey is not the one who feels uncomfortable at 20 degrees below zero. He enjoys playing and going out by any weather. He does not care if weather changes, he is like a small kid whose greatest interest is to run and play. 

While staying in Kharkov Zoo, Elisey has doubled his body weight. He arrived as a 60-kilo cub, now it is a 120 kilo handsome male. His diet is well-balanced, is is based on beef and live food.



As to the behaviour, he has long ceased to be a timid cub. He has adapted himself well, has become more socaible. He is wuite playful and curious. But he treats everything new to him with concern. For example, when a real pine-tree was introduced into his enclosure, he took time to study it, he touched it gingerly as he thought at first that it is alive because the branches moved after each contact. Soon he understood that the tree is of no danger and he grew bolder. Zoo workers always try to add variety into life of the animals. Appearance of the evergreen beauty is an element of environment enrichment, this keeps the animal active and not bored.


Тигр Елисей. Вторая зима в Харьковском зоопарке