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Our Chimps in Berdyansk Zoo

It has been a year since our chimps, Larik male and Nika female, left Kharkiv Zoo for "Safari" Zoo in Berdyansk due to Kharkiv Zoo global reconstruction. "Safari" is a small comfortable nook of wild nature, it is situated in a quiet beautiful place, just two kilometres from the Azov Sea.


Larik and Nika were placed into enclosure where Sonya female had been living. They got adapted quite well to the new place of living because Kharkiv Zoo workers of Department of Primates went together with them to Berdyansk. In "Safari" Zoo there live five ape species: four chimps and one orangutang. The youngest of them, Chuckie male, is living with a young orangutang Lucky, they are neighbours of Larik and Nikolette.

Since their first day of staying in Berdyansk Zoo our chimps enjoyed the maximum comfort: three meals a day, the basic diet consisted of vegetables - carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage (white cabbage and nappa cabbage), meat (veal), fish (red-finned mullet), cottage cheese, porridge, yoghurts, fruits (bananas, oranges, peaches, nectarines, apricots, grapes, pears, apples and, of course, seasonal treats- melons and water-melons). Rich and various food, spacious enclosure, positive emotions, coastal air turned the staying of our chuimps at Berdyansk into long-term vacation.