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One Day from the Zoo Life. Green Monkeys and Ices

What can be better than a cool dessert on a hot day? Berry sorbets and icecream are treats not just for people but fpr primates as well. On a hot September day the Zoo workers made a treat to Green Monkeys. A real feast of fruit ice-cream!


Small glasses full of frozen raspberries and black currants were in the centre of monkeys' attention at once. Each once tried to be the first to snatch the treats. Having grapped their portion, they started to relish it. It took just several minutes for ice-cream to disappear! Only traces of berry juice on their paws and faces. Such treats are often given to them during the hot period. Their regular diet consists of  vegetables, fruit, berries, meat, eggs, cueds, yoghurt, kefir, nuts, juice. They are fed 4-5 times a day. Their meals are given alternately.

Interesting facts. Green monkeys have lots of enemies, they need to be on guard all the time. Field researches haverevealed amazing facts of precise differentiation of sound sygnals depending on the danger. For example, a green monkey is on the wake and seeing a flying eagle she gives out a cry of alarm. Her kin dash into the thicket of a tree or a shrub where the wide-winged eagle can't get into. Hearling a warning signal that a snake is in the rear, screaming green monkeys stand on their rear feet and try to discern a cobra or a python. When they notice where the snake is, they choose the direction of the safe retirement.


Зеленые мартышки и мороженко