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October,4 - the International Day of Animals

The 4th of October is a special date for the whole world, this is the International Day of Animals. This event was registered at the International Congress of Adherers of Movement for Protection of Animals in 1931. The date of the 4th of October was chosen because its remebrance day of Catholic saint Francisc d'Assisi who's considered to be patron of animals.



Our planet is home for huge number of fauna representatives. Unfortunately, according to the data of the Wild Nature Protection Foundation, in the course of the latest 50 years the total number of animal populations has diminished down to 60%!

The foundation explains the decrease of populations with human impact on the nature. People take more and more land for farming and city construction. Pollution of animal habitat, change of climate and poaching are reasons of extinction of animal populations.

Therefore, this event was established to raise public awareness about the necessity of environment protection and protection of animals worlwide. Domestic animals are also included as owing to their dependant status they are more exposed to cruel treatment.