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Number of Saiga Population in Olkhovaya Balka has Doubled

Zoo workers are volunteering in the Regional Landscape Park of Wild Nature "Olkhovaya Balka". We are glad to share good news with you: Olkhovaya Balka population is growing up! New saiga antelopes have been born by two females. The first calf was born 23 April, in two weeks' time the second female got a pair of calves. This is the first birth of saiga antelopes in the territory of Kharkov region. Last troops of saiga antelopes inhabited our land several hundred years ago!



Labour period was not difficult for the females. After hald an hour's time new-born calves stood on their legs, sucked their first gulps of their mothers' milk and then lay peacefully in the grass. Youngsters behaved gingerly for about two weeks. Now they follow their mothers and join their troop. The female that was born the first is grazing now, two twins are still breast-feeding.


According to the Director of Landscape Park, Oleg Grishchenko, new-born calves are going to stay at "Olkhovaya Balka". A steady mini-population nedds about 60-80 individuals. Now there are kept three adult individuals, two females and one male, and three youngsters.

Численность сайгаков в «Ольховой балке» увеличилась вдвое