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New Year at the Elephants'

Each year animals of oue Zoo meet the New Year. The token of this holiday is a coniferous tree. This year the Zoo received the unsold trees again. We rejoice these trees at our homes on a New Year's Day, animals see these trees in another light. Someone uses them for food for a while, someone has them as a decoration of enclosure. Elephants treat them as toys. At present we are keeping two Asian Elephants, male Aung Naing Lay and female Tendy. They accepted the trees in a peculiar way.


 Our handsome male was the first to walk out to the trees. First he tried what they taste like, then he introduced himself to them https://youtu.be/L99SDGLsujc  Tendy first sorted out her presents and only then she started eating https://youtu.be/OduY1549dkc This proves once again that each animal is unique in its understanding of the outer world. 

Ёлки-палки и Аун
Ёлки-палки и Тенди