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A New Replenishment in the Camels' Family

Kharkov Zoo is celebrating new birthday - on the 23rd of May e new-born camel calf appeared. His parents are female Shakira and male Sasha. Both camels arrived to Kharkov Zoo from Astrakhan in December, 2011.



Shakira's labour ran smootly. The calf weighs about 40 kilos and is 90 cm high. Camel females bring their young while standing. After 12-months-long pregnancy there comes one calf, quite seldom two calves. After a couple of hours the new-born calf starts following its mother. In the evening we could watch him making incesucre steps after his mother.


The basic food of the youngster is its mother's milk. Owing to this food he puts on weight quite well. Milk feeding will continue up to 6-18 months. Since two months' age the calf starts grazing and gradually he learns how to eat "adult camel food".

Caring mother is eagerly watching her youngster. Camels are nice and tender parents, they take care of their young till they become mature (males are mature at 5 years of age, females are mature at 3 years). Our newborn calf is a male, so he can count upon love and care of his parents until he becomes 5 years old.


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