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Море, море – мир бездонный…

The 28th of September is the International Sea Day announced by the OUN. This event started from 1978. The idea came up as reaction to large-scale fishing in seas and oceans of the Earth.


Industrial effluents, oil transportation and excessive fishing create a serious threat to sea flora and fauna. Massive pollution of the ocean with garbage, especially plastic is in public focus now. Sea as well as forest are lungs of the planet. Phytoplankton, microscopic photosynthetic organisms, produce oxygen. One might see phytoplankton gatherings in shape of red or vivid green flaws. Just imagine that one phytoplankton community produces 100 times more oxygen than a forest per day.


Considering that 70,8% of Earth surface is covered with water, it is  easy to come to a conclusion that by polluting the sea humans cause irreparable harm to the nature.