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Man and the Ocean

Health of ocean is fading away each second. Marine biodiversity is getting more scarce. Man is the main reason for it. Thinking about the role of the World Ocean, its state and human immact is to be the main goal of the Ocean Day which is kept on the 8th of June.

In 1992 at the International summit in Brazil it was decided to announce this day in order to highlight our common inextricable connection with the ocean. In 2008  this day acquired official status by the decision taken at the General Assembly of OUN.


Summarily oceans of our planet occupy three fourths of the area. As a rsult of human impact up to 40% of the world ocean is polluted. This is because of catastrophies with oil tankers and drilling rig systems. Great ecological problem make radioactive waste products and high-density metals. In several parts of the world ocean there are huge drifting damps where plastic is prevailing. Each year due to waste products and human impact there perish millions of birds, reptiles, mammals and fishes. These nimbers are just catastrophic!

The Ocean Day encourages people to remember the key role of the World in our everyday life. Oceans are lungs of our planet, they provide the major part of oxygen. Oceans are the main source of food and medicine, they are important part of biosphere. In order to enjoy the beauty, treasures and potential of the world ocean, we need to take care after the environemtn and understand the value of the nature!