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Love Animals - Become a Young Biologist!

Starting from 1 September, 2018, the Young Biologists' Club is announcing registration of new members. We invite schoolchildren that are 12-16 years of age.

The curriculum is divided into semesters. The first semester (September-December, 2018) will include the following courses:

1) Animal care*

Practical course on the basis of working with hand-reared animals of Kharkov Zoo. Young Biologists will study peculiarities of husbandry of various species of animals. The course implies learning of animal maintenance, food storage, environment enrichment, cleaning of the department area.


* Woking clothes are needed.

2) «Acquaintance with the Zoo and Basic of Zoo Work»

Theoretical course will inform the Young Biologists with Kharkov Zoo history, will tell of work of its departments and will inform how the Zoo evolved in the course of time. Also we will discuss how Zoos of the world are changing, we will advise you of animals welfare standards. You will learn about Zoocollection planning, about Zoo exhibit design as well as of educational and conservational work in Zoos.


3) «Basics of Info Work»

At present it is not that important to memorize something as to know how to find necessary infos and how to manage data. We are going to discuss rules of info search, rules of reading research articles, compiling of graphs and tables. You will know how to choose credible sources.


4) "Biology in Life and in Profession"

Young biologists will meet people whose profession or hobby is connected with biology and related subjects (medicine, veterinary science, agronomy, ecology) - researchers, scientific educators, travellers, conservationists, veterinaries and doctors, botanists, students of biological departments. Young biologists will ask them quesions and everyone will decide for himself if he should associate his life with biology.

Also we plan to involve young biologists in Zoo events, contests and research trips into the wild, excursions and expeditions.

The educational work of Kharkov Zoo is done together with the following institutions and organisations: Museum of the Wild Nature of Kharkov National University, eco-naturalist department of the Regional Palace of Children and Youth Arts, Centre of Rehabilitation of Chiroptera, Kharkov Entomologist Society, Institutions of Higher Education of Kharkov, Institutions of Wild Nature Conservation and other Zoos of Ukraine.


The Club is working on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 till 12.00-13.00 (exact agenda and topics of classes are announced each week). The Zoo is undergoing reconstruction, therefore the entrance to the Zoo is allowed only under guidance of the leaders of the Club.

All courses are FREE. Additional expenses are entailed only by research trips and are matter of preliminary discussion.


All of you who are interested to join the Club need to pass preparatory instruction in the presence of a parent. You need to bring a copy of Birth Certificate and a review document from the school.

If you have questions, please forward them to Yevgeniy Aleksandrovitch Kiosya, Leading Methodologist of the Club.

Tel.: 095 543 57 97

E-mail: yevgenkiosya@gmail.com