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Little Wonder in Coatis' Family

Agile, curious and very sociable - all these attributes belong to coati cub. Unfortunately, female Klava and male Malysh turned out to be bad parents and refused to take car of him. Such behaviour is common for this family. Klava has been a mother several times already. Still, parental feelings do not wake up within her. Zoo workers started rearing the cub themselves.


The new-born wieghed 85 grams. At the tenth day the cub opened his eyes, his first food was milk. Now the cub is two months old. Milk is still his favourite food, the youngster also eats various fruit, fish. While walking outdoors, he hunts for insects and for other arthopods. He is of lively nature, he likes running and investigating the territory, he enjoys climbing and jumping from one branch to another.

At present there are 6 adult individuals of this species, 2 males and 4 females. Their snout is long, it consists of with upper lip. South America is homeland of these fascinating animals. 

Маленькое чудо в семье носух