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Let's Clean the Planet from Garbage

On the 21st of September the International Week "Let's Clean the Planet from Garbage" is starting. First such event was organized in Australia in 1993 when people massively moved out to clean ocean coasts. Other countries joined the event bit by bit. Today millions of volunteers throughout the world take part in it. The target of the event is to attract public attention to environment pollution and to put up the level of ecological awareness. 


Each one of us is able to make his yard, street, city cleaner. One needs to observe one simple rule - do not leave garbage wherever you are. Garbage means neglect, squalor of a separate house or the planet in general. About 20 tons of materials are spent per 1 inhabitant of the Earth. The majority of this passes into garbage, that is harmful for health and life of live organisms because they lead to water pollution and to spreading of nocuous gases. Don't stay indifferent, organize cleaning of yor yard or in the nearest children play-ground. Together we will make the planet cleaner!