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Who is Walking on his Fangs, or the Walrus Day

They "walk their fangs" and they possess unique faculties. They are sociable and friendly. Also they need protection. Walruses are amazing Arctic mammals. Their number is constantly decreasing. Ice melting due to climate changes, oil and trekking companies expansion to the seas of North and development of arctic shipment cause international concerns as to the destiny of the species which is included into the Redbook. 



In 2008 owing to the Council on Marine Mammals and cooperation of the International Wild Nature Foundation there was approved the Day of the Walrus. The date, the 24th of November, was chosen on purpose. It is namely in the last days of Autumn that walruses leave the Arctic coast of the Chukhchee Sea and head for the Bering Strait. They are particularly vulnerable during this period. North fauna representatives leave glaciers and come to land. Thus many of them lie in groups along coasts. Mass accumulation of walruses leads to death of many young animals.


The Walrus Day makes it a point that due to animals' migration poachers have easy access to them. Besides thay, walruses suffer from cargo ships movement as well as from mineral resources extraction in waters of the Arctic Ocean. 

We should remember abour our responsibility for conservation of wild ocean fauna and we sould treat its inhabitants with great care so that our descendants could see these marine mammals not only in museums and documentaries.