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Kharkov Zoo Brings a Holiday

The International Day of Domestic Animals was a true holiday for scoolchildren fo school N131. Kids welcomed lecturers of Kharkov Zoo and their amazing pets - rabbit, chinchilla, rat, hamster, Guinea pig, parrot, snails, a turtle.


Kids learned about peculiarities of husbandry of these animals at home: what kind of cage is needed, what bedding is suitable, what food to choose, what is the period when the animal is active.


Funny photos and miscellaneous facts of pets brought a great pleasure for kids. When kids could pat the animals, the amusement was great. Kids stroked them and watched their tail, ears, eyes, whiskers. Nothing stayed unnoticed. Questions and comments of children showed a great interest. If a child does not have a pet, he still is dreaming to have one. And dreams come true.