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Kharkov Citizens Never Cease to Wonder!

Kharkov citizens keep on making wonders. Uncommon animals become pet favourities of Kharkov inhabitants. We are speaking not about exotic species from far-away lands but of animals that live in Kharkov region but are not kept at home. 


In August of 2015 Oksana went for a walk and saw a jackdaw fledgling. His fly feathers were damaged. The girl took the bird home right away. First she planned to cure it and then release. But the bird refused to fly into the open window of the flat. They called it Galina Sergeyevna and it became their family member.

Oxana admits that it is not an easy task to keep a jackdaw at home; still it is possible to achieve this goal. One needs an enclosure 1x1x2, a house, a pool - a big bowl where the bird can spread its wings and splash; bowls for food and water, various twigs. The most important thing is to see that water and food should be fresh, especially in hot seasons. The jackdaw's diet includes cottage cheese, sesame seeds, shrimps, chicken liver and chicken hearts, apples. Of course, birds make cleaning of apartment more difficult, their feaces should be cleaned several times a day.

Still, these peculiarities of keeping did not stop Oxana from taking another jackdaw. A little jackdaw Gary appeared in the family in 2017. The bird had a broken wing. This trauma still prevents him from going out. Oxana is still trying to finding a way how to take Gary out without harming him with transportation measures. Galina Sergeyevna walka several hours a day from early spring till first frosts. She chose her preferable territory.

Loving her jackdaws with all her heart, Oxana would still like to warn: do not make such a bird your domestic pet by your own will. If the bird is injured, one should cure it and then release. Only if it is handicapped and can't go back into the wild, you may keep it at home.


Харьковчане продолжают удивлять!