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International Wild Nature Day

Animal world of Ukraine is quite rich. But we are losing many of our little brothers. Humans drive out wild animals from their natural habitat. For example, one can't meet wisents in the wild. These magnificent powerful creatures can only be seen in Ascania Nova Natural Reserve. Susliks are disappearing as well as the prey animals. Steppe eagel and demoiselle crane are but seldom to be noticed in the wild. Climate changes also influence the animal population. The main reason are human econimical activities. While deratization of fields humans deprive the carnivores of their food basis. People should but seldom interfere into wild life. For example, white swans can live and multiply in our climate one. When frosts come, they are able to stay in the open water basins and not migrate anywhere. These magnificent birds need open water patches in the ice where they can get their food.


Each day negative changes occur in the wild. Sometimes they are irrevocable. The International Wild Nature Day is aimed at raising public awareness of the fact that the environment needs protection. We humans need to stay away from consuming attitude to the natural resources. This annual event is dedicated to a particular topic. It allows people to embroaden their horizons of understanding nature and to live in harmony with the environment. The theme of 2018th year is: "Big Cats Are Endangered".