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International River Day (International Public Event Against Dumbs)

Ecological event of the International River Day is kept in many countries on the 14th of March. This date was approved at the first international conference against construction of big dumbs in March of 1997 in Brazil by the initiative of ecological organisation of the USA "International River Net". The conference united ecological organisations from 20 parts of the world.


An important goal was set during this event: defining of ecological methods of control of river basins. Delegates of the conference informed that during the last half century about 60 million people had to quit their places of living due to construction of big dumbs. About half a million of square km of fertile ground, flood meadows, riverside thickets and forests were inundated. Many spots of spawing of valuable fish species were destroyed. Progressing erosion leads to polluting of huge water reservoirs, therefore quality of drinking water is diminishing.


Participants of the conference also called for estimation of possible consequences of outbrakes of big dumbs and the number of possible victims. Conference delegates called  governmental administrations, international agencies and investors to set moratorium for building of big dumbs until full independent expertise is made, design projects estimated and possible damage analysed and ways for restitution defined. 

According to the prognosis of the International Water Forum each big river is going to be regulated within 15 years. But activists of anti-dumb movement continue their efforts to get dumbs dismantled in many parts of the world.