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International Rat Day

Rat Day has been yearly kept yearly on the 4th of April since 2003. The idea was brought up by American rat keepers. They desired to attract attention of the public to such  a non-ordinary pet as a rat. The date of creation of the eldest internet resource dedicated to rats, "Ratlist", was taken as the date for the event.

Someone can be surprized that rats enjoy such popularity. Chinese calendar includes Year of the Rat. Rat is a clever and agile animal, quite sociable and enduring. Keepers of domestic rats consider the to be tender, curious and friendly animals, true members of the family. Scientists compare rats to huans because our genomes are 90 % similar.



It is 16 years already that this event is being kept! Amateurs and activists organize festivals, exhibitions of their pet rats and meetings with rat amateurs. At these meetings any willing person can befriend the pink-tailed little animals.