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The International Day of Soil, the 5th of December

В декабре 2013 года Генеральная Ассамблея ООН провозгласила 5 декабря Всемирным днём почвы. Это событие заставило мировую общественность осознать реальную роль почвы в жизни человечества.  

Soil is the most important natural resource. Anthropogenic impact on soil due to agriculture develpment is increasing. Basic consequences of anthropogenic impact are soil erosion, pollution, emaciation of soil. These negative impacts also influence the animals owing to food chains. Land is a complicated and well-balanced natural system. 


Soil depletion causes decrease of its fertility thus threatening of dearth of food. Soil pollution harms ecosystem and is a threat to living of humans and animals. We need to feel our responsibility for maintining our lands pure and fertile in order to keep our future healthy. The main goal of events of the Day of Soil is education of the public. Also scientists work out programs of keeping and of replenishment of land resources as well as of their rational and sensible usage.