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The International Day of Human Cousins

Though chimps are closest relatives of humans, they were unknown in the majority of countries of the world until Charles Darwin wrote about them in 1856. A centure passed and people started learning interestinf facts of life of these primates. "The pioneer" into chimpanzee mystery was Dr. Jane Guddall who started studying these apes in the national park Gombe Stream on 14th of July, 1960. This day was then nominated is the International Day of Chimps. Its main goal is to upraise awareness of the public about importance of these apes in the wild, about their habitat conservation and stopping illegal animal trade.



There are two species of chimps, Common Chimpanzee and Bonobo. Each species needs to be protected. 100 years ago there lived about two million of these primates in Africa. Now their population counts about 350 thousands. Chimpanzees are fickle while communicationg with each other in the group  and while contacting individuals from other groups. Concerning humans, some of them may become their best friends, and others vice versa.