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International Dau of Hugs

Today, the 21st of January, the world is keeping the International Hugs Day. One may hug anyone, even a stranger, on this day. Friendly hugs feel great and they are wholesome. They help us cope with stressful situations, strengthen our heart and vessels, reinforce our immune system and relieve pain. 

Not only people hug themselves. Animals like hugs all the ore. If we take elephants as an exapmple, their trunks are more sensitive than humans' fingers. They express tender feelings by entwining their trunks, patting each other's spines and stroking their heads. Lions, too, can teach us a lesson of hugs. During their honeymoon they stay together and hug eath other continuously.

Social interaction in priates' groups include grooming,i.e. regular care of hair and patting. Our relatives, orangutangs, gorillas and chimpanzees can't do without friendly grips! Even adult males hug each other in order to cheer up or calm down depending on the situation.