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How Can One Acquire an Elephant?

At present elephants are endangered in the wild. Therefore Zoos play an important part in conservation of these animals. But it is not easy to get an elephant for a Zoo. One of the ways to do it is becoming a member of endangered species program.


Khrkov Zoo is the eldest in Ukraine and it was the first one to keep Asian elephants. Now we have got two elephants, female Tendy and male Aung Naing Lay which came from Holland in 2002 within European Endangered Species Program.

The participation in the progra implies fulfilment of conditions of elephant husbanfry, comprising the availability of spacious outdoor and indoor enclosures with big ponds, sand floors indoors and outdoors, high efficiency skills of keepers. Animals should feel good in the Zoo, their living should be as close as possible to living in the wild. All these principles are being met in the exhibit under the title "Elephant Realm" where there will reign not only Aung and Tendy but also new-coming kinsmen.