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How to Become a Star

Everyone can become famous these days. Not mentioning starting singers or actresses, an owl or a leaf insect can become favourity of millions. Our animals have proved that. An amazing owl, a playful fox, spontaneous monkeys are extremely cute. In animals' case this is enough to become a celebrity. Kharkov Zoo animals are true TV stars. Live TV programs and news - mass media offers a great choice. As a result there come out interesting materials which instruct viewers on Zoo inhabitants' life. People can watch their behaviour and get lots of positive emotions from animals that beam with joy and warmth. The total number of TV programs is hard to count. If one collected them together, one would get  fascintaing TV series where almost all Zoo animals are starring. Camels, tiger, lion, silver fox, monkeys, hedgehog, owl - this list has no end.



How do animals behave during shooting? For each one it is a little adventure. When they are on air, they are interested in new surroundings, raw light and unusual technical appliances. Lynx named Marysya, for example, started to study the environment. She sniffed on couches, tables, she tried to scratch her nails on carpet flooring. Monkeys, as usual, expressed their playful nature. The owl and the leaf insect stayed perfectly calm. They are so different, these stars of ours! If you ask, how to become a star, the answer is simple, it is owing to the journalists and TV presenters!
Today it is Television Day. We wish all TV workers to make good choice of themes, to catch new information speedily and to amaze their viewers! Also do not forget about taking rest notwithstanding your incredible working tempo! In other words, try to combine the best qualities of a raven, a tiger, a monkey and a sloth. By the way, a sloth has not yet been a TV star!


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