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Hippo, Monkeys and Foxes at Maslenitsa Celebration

Maslenitsa is one of the many traditional events celebrated in the Zoo. This was a pancake week not only for humans but also there were unusual treats for animals. Many animals enjoyed the mane dish of Maslenitsa, the pancakes. We used to invite bright-coloured groups of folklore performers who presented beutiful shows for our visitors.

The Zoo is now closed for a global reconstruction and we can't invite our numerous friends to come and be our guests. But animals were not deprived of this tradition and they enjoyed their "pancake diet".


Primates are always special. They were treated with pancakes stuffed with fruit and vegetables. Phunky green monkeys finishes their pancakes quite soon – https://youtu.be/uu5WgcTGQgM    Stepanida is our female hippo, she also tasted her own pancake (it was a kind of flatbread) – https://youtu.be/krv91R2abRM  Some canids also enjoyed their treats. Our foxes liked their pancakes with cottage cheese stuffing – https://youtu.be/n9CWH1nFrOM


Обезьяны Масленицу блинами отметили
Бегемот празднует Масленицу
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