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Hibernal Thirst of Birds

it has become generally known that birds need nutricious food in winter. But birds also need water, too. Normally birds replenish water in their bodies by means of snow. Due to high body temperature and intensive metabolism it does not cause any harm to birds of the north. Even snowbirds and waxbirds that feed upon juicy berries, peck at the snow regularly.



This winter tawing and freezing go alternately. The snow is covered with icy crust that can't be pecked at by the majority of birds. We would recommend to put some crushed ice or snow near feeding places. But please mind  that this snow should not be taken from places strewn wit salt! For pigeons water should be poured at least once a day into  a special drinking-bowl. The size of the bowl should allow a small-sized bird (like a sparrow or a blue-tit) to drink without any risk of drowning.