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Hibernal Guests from the North

When it gets cold, bird migrate to the warm South. Birds from the North swap them. Strange as it might see, each day we see northern birds - rooks, crows and jackdaws. Our Corvidae leave for the south, birds from the north come to replace them.

True northern inhabitants are waxwings, snowbirds, siskins, redpolls, snowflakes and others. City inhabitants most often see waxwings and rooks that seek for rowan trees, oleasters, hawthorns and arrowwood in city parks.



Siskins, common crested larks, redpolls, snowflakes and Lapland buntings can be seen only in city outskirts or wastelands where they can feed on seeds of grassweed.

Of course, the favourite Northern bird is a bullfinch. People ask: "Why can't they be seen anymore of late?"

The first reason is that in Kharkov rowan trees and other decorative berry plants are not planted anymore. Seeds from these plants are expecially nutricipus for these handsome red-brested males; females with ash-blond breasts are also quite decorative. Number of European ashes diminishes, too. Seeds of these trees are also main diet od bullfinches in our environment. Green ash trees are planted instead of European ash. Bullfinches ignore seeds from green ashes.

The second reason is that sparrowhawks have become ore numerous in cities. This agile and quick bird often stalks its prey near feeding-places which are hung by people in parks and yards. Bright colours and lentitude of bullfinches caused them to quit dangerous places. Still, our forests and old parks are still full of European ash trees with its multitudinous ash-keys. Those who love wandering in the suburbs or skiing have a possibility of admiring these live symbols of winter.