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Hibernal Dreams of Bears

After seeing the old year off, 6 Brown Bears and 3 Himalayan Bears plunged into deep sleep. They had been preparing for that since Autumn; they stored enough fat deposits. Their diet included seasonal legumes, fruit, meat, fish, cereals, dairy products. Another step of preparation is constructing a den. In the Zoo bears constructed it with big quantities of straw.



There is a saying that the bear goes to his den for sleep on the first Sunday of December. Bear Day is celebrated on that day. This Deceber was not cold enough, therefore the bears refused to sleep and waited for more propitious weather. When frosty days came, the bandy-legged started getting prepared for hibernal sleep. 


This condition of theirs  can't be called hibernation. Bears don't show decrease of metabolism like  a hedgehog or a gopher do. These mammals pass into turpor. During hibernal sleep a bear spends its fat deposits rationally until Spring comes. The animals does not lose its vigilance, it can be woken up easily. Concerning the order, pregnant females are the first to go to sleep, they are followed by females with cubs of the previous year. The last to go to sleep are adult males. Waking up goes in the opposite order.