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Happy Birthday, Nika!

Today our favourity, the chimp named Nikoletta, is celebrating her birthday. She is 11 now. Nika arrived to Kharkov Zoo when she was only 1 year old in February, 2008. She won our hearts woth her playfulness, energy and unbelievable charm. Of course, being a baby she needed our day and night attention. Regular feedings, walks, plays - Kharkov Zoo workers surrounded Nika with maximal care. She was never all by herself. The baby was growing fast to the joy of her "step parents". Nika took a fancy to drawing thus showing much ability to concentration and strong individuality. Her 11th birthday Nika is celebrating in the company of her friends Larik and Sonya in Berdyansk Zoo. Nika and Larik came there for a temporary keeping during the global reconstruction of Kharkov Zoo. After the reconstruction is finished, Larik and Nika will arrive to their new modern house named "Monkey Planet".

Детство Николетты