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Gopher's Day

Today the waken up gopher is leaving his burrow and forecasts what the upcoming spring will be like. If the day is overcast and the gopher can't see his shadow and doesn't return to his burrow,  the spring will come early. If the day is sunny and the gopher sees his shadow and goes back to his burrow, there will still be several frosty weeks to come. 

Almost in half of the "auguries" the gopher is wrong. Last year our gopher Timka predicted an early spring. We had snowfalls in April instead.


However, such mistakes are understandable. We have assimilated this event wothout taking the climate peculiarities into account. Our gophers are in their hibernation period in February, they wake up only in March. According to folk beliefs, gophers come from winter sleep on Yavdokha's day, namely on the 14th of March. That's why to get a weather forecast from a gopher we need to wake him up and it is not good for the animal's health.


Augur Timka says that this spring will come in 6 weeks and it will be warm. We shall live, we shall see.