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Gopher-Augur of Weather. Will his Prognosis Come True?

Today it is the Gopher Day. We are speaking not about the film but about the event dedicated to this animal meteorologist. In order to predict the weather the gopher is awakened, then it leaves its burrow and people need just to wait for the weather prediction. If the day is mirky, the gopher can't see its shadow and it returns to the burrow, this is a sign of an early spring. If the day is sunny, the pogher sees its shadow and hides back into the burrow, that shows there are a few more wintry weeks to come. 


Last year our famous gopher Timka justified its prediction. Spring warth came to Kharkov quite early. If we should give credit to the weather forecat for 2019 made by the bobak, it is going to be an early spring. 

Mistakes in this forecast can be explained by the fact that people in Ukraine adopted this event without taking into consideration the peculiarities of climate. In February our bobaks are still having their winter sleep and it is in March that they awake. Acording to Ukrainian beliefs the bobak woke up from winter sleep on Yavdokha's day which is the 14th of March. In order to get bobaks make their forecast on the 2nd of February one has to wake them up and that's not particularly good for the animals.