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Funtik? Bonya? Hardy? The chioce is made - the Camel Calf has Got a Name

On the 23rd of May a new camel was born in Kharkov Zoo. Now, after a month, he got his name. During two weeks all people left their comments on the official page of Kharkov Zoo in Facebook. There have been left more than 300 variants. The publication was read by 25000 people, that proves the popularity of our hero.


Judging the originality and number of likes we have made top-10 of nicknames (Bonya, Camel, Funtik, Finik, Zhorik, Kamil, Hardy, Barkhan, Vasya, Gosha). This list was presented to Zoo workers who take care after the camel and know his charcter best. They chose unanimously the name of Bonya.

Today we announce that our camel will be called Bonya. He has grown weight, his humps increase in vertical direction and become rounded in the base. The camel is active and curious. He picks grass and tastes twigs. Still, his main food remains his mother's milk. 

Очень приятно, Боня