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Frogs and Newts in Spring

At a first glance, a pond seems to be a calm place. In reality, life swarms there. The pond is inhabited by incredible number of live creatures: fishes, scallops, worms, frogs, newts. For many of them Spring is a period of special activity and "mating games".


One can hear assertive croaking of males of moor frogs who have "put on" wedding attire of blue colour. Common toads dollow them. Notwithstanding their plain looks they show great passion.Sometimes one can find newts in spawining ponds with melted water. Common newts and crested newts are quite beautiful in spring. Their tail and spine are decorated with fins. During mating season males of crested newts take on their gala wear: a bluish hite stripe goes alons tail sides, their belly become more yellow. The female has no spinal fin, she acquires a yellow stripe. Males start mating dances but this happens under water that's why few people have a possibility to observe secretive life of newts.

Unfortunately, these species have practically disappeared from Kharkov suburbs. 50 years ago they inhabited "puddles" even in the city outskirts.