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Fox Day

Each of us heard fairytails about red beautiful mischievous fox. This carnivorous animal is quite quirky and wily, it can get perfectly adjusted to human environment. Its sense organs are highly developed. This makes it a marvellous hunter.



The 1st November is the Fox Day. On this day the hunting season is opened in Western Europe. Fox hunting acquired its biggest popularity in England sine the middle of the XIth century. The reason for the popularity was large population of foxes, their assaults on the poultry. Moreover, foxes spread rabies, canine distemper virus and scab.

Then fox hunting became an amusement for the rich in England. The English brought up special breeds, foxhound and foxterrier. Packs of dogs force the fox hide into a burrow, then a foxterrier is released into the burrow. Owing to its size and agility foxterrier can move freely in the burrow. Such hunting methods are considered to be barbaric nowadays. Modern forms of chicken farming exclude danger from foxes.

Due to vaccines that are spread with food decoys in woods and in fields, rabies has been practically wiped out in civilized countries. Thus a fox becomes a harmless companion of human habitat. Many countries have banned fox hunting. England banned it in 2004. Fox day reminds people  of human influence on the nature. People should conserve the biodiversity and foxes among all other animals.