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The new Monkey House will keep a pair from a French Zoo, 28-year-old female and 12-year-old male, also two females aged 8 and 9 years from Budapest and from Zurich.

Today, on the 1st of March, our Zoo was visited by Sebastien Laurent, Director of Nature Zoo of La Boissiere du Dore (France) and Istvan Vidakovitz, Curator of Committee of EAZA in issues of Zoos of Eastern Europe. They examined the conditions in which the animals are going to be kept.

After inspection they met Igor Terekhov, First Deputy of Kharkov Mayor as well as architects and workers of the Zoo. They shared their impressions and recommendations.

Foreign experts advised that transportation is a stressful procedure for animals. For that reason a keeper of Kharkov Zoo should go to Budapest to learn how to comunicate with the new animal. After that orangutangs have to stand more than 20 hours of transportation. Meanwhile they will be accompanied by keepers who will stay in Kharkov Zoo for two weeks to help the animals get adjusted to the new environent and to help their colleagues take care of the primates.

Sebastien Laurent has remarked that the pair fro France will adapt sooner. "Their coming in pair is an advantage because transportation means a lot of dtress. They will feel more comfortable seeing elements of their usual environment. There are two subspecies of orangutangs. Our orangutangs belong to Sumatra subspecies. They are critically endangered", said the dirdctor of Nature Zoo.

Igor Terekhov assured the foreign colleagues that by the arrival of orangutangs the Monkey House will have been finished. No external noise will disturb the animals as the building will be surrounded with fence.

Istvan Vidakovits, Curator from EAZA. said he was satisfied with the design.

"We are quite impressed by what we have seen inside and outside. Everything is done at the highest level. There are some minor technical details that need to be corrected. You have implemented experience of the best European Zoos. For example, the mesh ceiling that is important for envoronment enrichment and for keepers' work", remarked Istvan Vidakovitz. 

Igor Terekhov replied he was happy to hear such high estimation to the work that has been done.

"We are interested in cooperation with EAZA and we will make maximal effort to become a full member of the association. Kharkov Zoo reconstruction is one of our priorities. Notwithstanding the critics, it is a social project. The Zoo construction is supervised by EAZA. There are precise standards and rules of functioning of this organization. The reconstruvtion is being done in compliance with these rules. We must fulfil them otherwise animals will not be sent to the Zoo. Today the experts have proven that the norms have been all considered, that means we are able to get animals from other Zoos for free", the first vice-mayor observed after the meeting.

He also added that Kharkov Zoo is planning to get two Giraffes from Koln Zoo as well as Polar Bears and Penguins.

Please be advised that Kharkov Zoo plan will be divided into geographical zones. Usage of barriers and fences will be minimal. An oceanarium will be constructed in the Zoo, too.

For your information. Private Nature Zoo La Boissiere du Dore is most popular in Europe for its working with orangutangs. Male named Major who had lived there for 50 years, was the eldest male of this species in the world. Budapest Zoo is the eldest Zoo in Hungary. It was founded in 1866. The collection of the Zoo consists of 1072 species of animals.