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The first elephant of independent Ukraine is 20 years old!

Today our beautiful elephant female Tendy is celebrating her 20th anniversary! She was born on the 19th of July, 1998 in Odessa Zoo.This is the f=irst elephant born in independent Ukraine! Two-year-old female Tendy came to Kharkov Zoo on the 7th of October, 2000. She stood a 10-hour trip from Odessa quite well. She went almost non-stop under protection of  the road police escort.

We got prepared to her arrival similar to caring parents who are waiting for the upcoming baby and do repairments in the apartment. The Zoo reconstructed the "Elephant House", so there was brand-new modern facility waiting for the elephant cub. When Tendy arrived, she was solittle that she could walk freely in her transport container. Her height was 1.5 m and her weight was 770 kilos. Tendy was of playful nature. Still, at first she was afraid of any rustling sound and tried to hide behind the Zoo workers who took care of her.

Now Tendy is 2.2 m high and about 3 tons of weight. Her character changed. Tendy became calm and majestic. Though she sometimes acts like a little child,  she plays and sprinkles sand or she gets naughty when something is not ot her liking. Her favourite amusement is hose shower. Her preferred food are bananas and beets.


Traditionally we celebrated Tendy's birthday, as well as Aung male's, with massive events with plays and contests for children. But due to the Zoo reconstruction. this year we clebrated the jubilee in a more intimate circle. Tendy got a special greeting! We prepared the inscrition "Tendy 20" and a heart of flowers filled with treats - water-melon, melon, bananas, carrots, apples. When Tendy went out for a morning walk, the first thing she heard was greeting from the Zoo workers who shouted in one voice: "Happy birthday, Tendy!". She stepped over the festive inscription and started helping herself to the treats. First she chose bananas, then beets, carrots and apples. For dessert she left the watermelon and melon. So, the birthday was happy and joyful!


После завершения реконструкции зоопарка Тенди и Ауна ждет еще один подарок – новые апартаменты под названием  «Королевство слонов».

С Днём Рождения, Тенди