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Festive Environment Enrichment

In the Zoo animals don't stalk their prey, they don't need to hide from enemies, they don't have to stay vigilant and inventive to survive. Therefore, they get bored because they can't express the unique abilities of their species.

In order to add some variety and to bring a touch of unpredictability into living of our animals, we care a lot about environment enrichment. We furniture enclosures with logs, branches, hiding nooks, places for rest and for territory observation. We vary our approaches of food presentation so that animals could seek for it in special secret spots. We also put objects that serve as toys, objects that animals are free to break or to adjust in their enclosures fo further usage.


Festive celebrations is a period for presents and new emotions. Parrots got fruit boxes decorated with snowflake patterns. Parrots enjoyed paper models more than the treats, they got a lot of fun while tearing them off. Pigs were interested in the contents more than in the package. Our toger Elysey started thundering when he saw the carcass, he demonstrated his cuspid teeth and jumped at the carcass. Fennec foxes were mystified by the pacjage. They took their time to study it, then they understood that each cell contained something tasty for them.