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February, 19th, Whale's Day

The International Marine Mammals Protection Day, or the International Whale's Day is celebrated in many countries on the 19th of February. This day was established in 1986 when moratorium on whale hunting was implemented by the International Whale Group. The moratorium is in power up to date and this means that whale hunting and whale meat trade are prohibitied. At present only aborigenous hunting for needs of autochtonic tribes is allowed. But, unfortunately, population number of all big whale species remains quite low, some species still are endangered.


These animals are the most precise indicators of marine ecosystem condition, also they make an important link of food chain of the ocean. They bring stability to the exchange cycle of ecosystem. Thus diminishing of population number of whales and other marine mammals disrupts biological stability of marine ecosystems. Each extinct species is a loss that can't be made for! 

Notwithstanding that moratorium on whale hunting remains in force, destroyal of these animals goes on. Humans negative impact on nature leads to changes of biosphere. For example, huge damages to marine mammals are made by fishing gear as well as by pollution of oceans with oil products due to extensive oil extraction out of sea shelves. As a recult, whales that are symbols od ocean life, great and powerful, become totally victimizable. This should be kept in mind, we should not let them be banished from the World ocean!