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Fair Heads

On the 31st of May the Day of Blondes is celebrated. Official story is that this day was initiated by American lady advocates. Men colleagues used to treat them as inferiors and hinted at their low intellect.


Scientists think that blonde hair is a rare case, fair headed people will totally disappear by 2202 because population is increasing in countries with dark hair. To be born with fair hair a child needs both parents to be with fair hair. This is not a common case. 

Albinos are even more rare than blondes. Some of them have platina-coloured hair and "transparent" eyes with ruby-coloured pupils. Strange as it is, albinos most often appear in some regions of tropical Africa. They usually have light-red hair.

Animals , too, can be blonds/ In this case their organisms lack eumelanine pigment that brings dark colours. If pigment feomelanine is still present, animals get different shades of yellow or buff colour. Animals with such colour are called chromists. There are lots of them among domesticized animals! A gold fish is a "blonde" form of wild silver crucian carp.


Albinos are as well present among animals. They are quite rare because probability of appearance of an albino individual ( who must have both parents with genes of albinism) is 1: 20000. Albinos have great problems with getting food, searching for match. They become easy prey for carnivores.

Such peculiar physique brings about the side effects of poor health, low immunity and other infirmities. These animals are carriers of mutative genes. Vivid examples are over-popular Zoo favorities l white tiger, white lion. They have poor health and suffer from inherited diseases.

Of course, albinos have a right to live and to be treated kindly but people have to reconsider popularization of such natural defects which is in vogue today, especially among breeders of pet animals.