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European Day of Parks - Kharkov Region can be Proud!

European Federation of Zoos is an organization which unites nature reserves in 36 European countries. The event of European Park Day was anniunced in 1999 and has been yearly kept since throughout the Europe.

This particular date was chosed because it was on the 24th of May that first National parks were created in Europe - 9 National parks based in Sweden. Since then the natural reserves have become a part of cultural and natural legacy of Europe.

Kharkov region, too, has got unique natural landscapes. This territory is situated on the border of forest-steppe and steppe zones. It has united diversity of natural landscapes - from septentrional forests with marshes and century-old oak groves to steppe drylands. In 2000 there was created a network of national parks in Kharkv region. It comprised various natural zones and became basis of ecotourism in the region.


Septentrional nature of Kharkov region is presented in Slobozhanskiy National park. Its specialities is low forest areas with marshes which are typical for Poesye but which are rare for dry area of forest and steppe.


«Гомольшанские леса» – второй лесной национальный парк Харьковщины – расположен в Змиевском районе, включая дубовые и сосновые леса по обе стороны от Северского Донца между селами Задонецкое и Сухая Гомольша. Его «изюминкой» можно считать одни их самых обширных дубрав Украины, по которым наш регион занимает ведущее место в стране.

Steppe nature of Kharkov region is presented by National park "Dvurechenskiy". It is situated in flood plain of Oskol river. Its chalky hills make a beautiful scenery.

In the territory of regional landscape park of wild nature "Olkhovaya balka" there has been created a population of unique antelope species, saiga antelopes. It is the only antelope which can inhabit vast territories of Eurasian stppe. These animals are quite sturdy, they can stand Siberian frosts up to 50 degrees below zero together with Asian heat of 40 degrees above zero.