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Dora the Traveller, or Our "Present" to Cherkassy Zoo

Our female named Dora is staying in Cherkassy. She was transported there on a breeding loan to create a breeding pari. Eight-year-old male had been waiting for his "present" , this is what the name of our female is translated. He had been kept together with another female up to 2018. They bred successfully but, unfortunately, the female died and the male stayed alone.


Seeing his new partner, the owl male started hovering around the enclosure to show who's the boss there. Then he took an anticipating attitude and just watched the female who sat peacefully on the branch. At last he started showing off , demonstrating the beauty of his plumage. We hope that this pair will soon bring their nestlings.


In the next door enclosure there are staying two Steppe Eagles, Vasiliy and Vasilina. Birds breed regularly and attract attention of visitors with their snappy character as they defend their territory in a jealous manner. 


In Cherkassy Zoo there live other animals from our Zoo. These are: tigress named Amura, otter named Zheton - photosession star and favourity of children; a family of pig-tailed macaques and a turtle.