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Dear Children, Drink Milk and be Healthy!

The 1st of June is the day of Protection of Children and the Day of Milk initiated by Food and Agricultural Organization of the OUN.


Festivals of milk encourage people to enjoy more dairy products hus making their diet healthy. Even those people who can't digest milk, can eat butter and cheeses!

What about animals? All mammals feed ther young on milk. The combintation of fat, protein, sugar and water is different in it. All depends on species, age of a cub and raising conditions. For example, right after the labour females of seals produce quite nutricious milk with fat content of 53%. With such diet seal cub accumulates subcutaneous fat deposits which is vital for living on ice and in ice-cold water.  


Whales, too, have very fatty milk. This enables whale cubs to double their body weight in a week's time after birth. Cow cub need 50 days for that, horse cub - about two months' time.

Organism of camel female contains 87% of water. This is not surprising because such large per cent is conditioned by living in dry environment. Cubs can't stand lack of water. 

Feeding on mother's milk takes longest time with our closest relatives, anthropoids. Cubs of chimps, gorillas, orangutangs feed on milk during three years!