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Day of Sleep, or Sleepy Animals

Each year the friday before vernal equinox the Day of Sleep is kept. In 2019 it is the 15th of March. Neither people nor animals can't do without sleep. Sleep is a special mode of existence of organism. During sleep our body restores forces spent for day activity, it "brushes itself up". While a human being needs about 8 hours for such a recharge, some animals are champions of sleep longevity.


For example, koala sleeps 18-22 hours a day. The animal tears away leaves from eucalyptus and keeps chweing them. A sloth sleeps until 200 hours a day. This flegmatic animal spends the most of the day lounging around tree crowns which make its house. These animals are so sleepy not because they are lazy. Their food is not quite nutricious. Therefore they economize the calories. A lion can sleep until 20 hours a day, especially after a substantial dinner. Lions can eat 25-30 kilos of meat at a time. They can be called lazy-bones as they do not have any enemies in the wild. Big prey supplies them with food for long. African elephants can be happy with two hours of sleep a day. Sometimes they do not sleep each day.