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Day of Hidrotechnical Workers

Professional event of workers of hidrotechnical mills of Ukraine is celebrated on the first Sunday of June. In our country this event was announced by the decree of Leonid Kutchma in 2003. It is to honour the contribution of workers of hidrotechnics into branches of ntional economy of water resources.


About 25 % of water resources of Ukraine are formed within the country, others come from rivers that flow from Russia, Bielorussia and Europe. The major part of fresh water are formed in basins of rivers which flow fro bordering countries: Dnieper, Danube, Severskiy Donets, Zapadny Bug. Basins of Dnestr and South Bug are formes within our country, as well as small rivers of Black Sea littoral and Azov Sea littoral.

In the territory of Ukraine there are 1160 artificial water reserves and  canals, more than 28000 artificial ponds. This solves the problem of uneven distribution of water resources. Hidrotechnical workers have the responsibility to keep 3400 km water systems in good condition.