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Day of Environment

Environment Day is kept on the 5th of June. It was initiated by the OUN resolution in 1972. This event is equally important as for the society as for any individual. On the 5th of June Stoсkholm conference started its working on issues of environment.

The environment is everythin that surrounds us. Speaking in scientific terms, it is a combintation of physical and other conditions which surround humans and other living organisms. Environent influences people living and the development of society in general.

But, unfortunately, environment can also carry threats. Polluted air, infectuous diseases that spread in water, toxic chemical matters and natural disasters make only part of those threats which are hidden within envornment. In many countries pollution is growing with terrible speed. If forests, water, ground were destroyed, that would be irrevocable. If we want to make stable progress of mankind, if we want nature to satisfy our needs without our harming it and thus jeopardizing the future of generations to come, we are to think not only about econimic progress but also about envornment protection.

Value of environment which is clean and rich in boidiversty is especially high when it is lacking. Negative changes of environment happen due to anthropogenic impact. Environment pollution, exhaustion of resources, destroyal of ecosystems create real threat to human health, to flora and fauna. 

Therefore today's event is one of the basic ways of calling to public attention. It stimulates relevant reaction of states making them ratify regulations of nature conservation. Each of us should realize the value of what is surrounding us and promote protection of nature.