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Daws and Camels Help Each Other

April is a month of strenuous preparations of many species of birds for breeding. Jays, daws, crows, magpies and other birds are engaged in searching for construction materials for nests.

A little flock of daws has made ot a habit to visit our camels and Przewalskii's horses. These are smart and sociable bords. They land on animal spines and pick up old hairs of previous year that are sheding out. Cmales and horses take it as not just useful cleaning but also a delightful "acupuncture". Birds use their hair to build up nests.


These daws nest in big tree hollows and in empty spaces of buildings. Our daws nest in buildings at the Square Svobody. 

The nest of daws is coparatively large. It consists of twigs, branches, its bottom is covered with soft materials - wool, feathers, grass. The nest is builr by both parents. They take this task seriously as the nest may be used by one couple for several years.