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Congratulations with Kharkov City Day!

Администрация Харьковского зоопарка поздравляет всех харьковчан с Днём родного и любимого города!

Kharkov Zoo history is inseparable from history of Kharkov city. The city as well as the Zoo stood together during the hardest times - fascist invasion. During fascist occupation the Zoo remained the only place for public leisure. Kharkov inhabitants visited it, also people who fought against fascist regime could make secret appointments there. During fascist occupation the Zoo kept 115 species of animals and birds, also 23 species of fish. Fascists did not touch the Zoo until they understood they had to leave it and flee away. First they bombed the Elephant facility on 14 August, 1943. Then they demolished the Birds' House and Aquarium as well as Monkey House. Leaving the city, fascists destroyed lots of inhabitants of the Zoo.


Fascist invasion lasted for 641 days. On the 23rd of August 1943 Kharkov city was finally free from fascists. The day of Kharkov liberation has become the Day of Kharkov City. орода. День освобождения Харькова стал общегородским праздником – «Днем города Харькова».

Our warmest greetings to you, our beloved city! 

Животные Харьковского зоопарка поздравляют с праздником любимый город.