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A Buzzard's Lot

Quite often people bring to Kharkov Zoo animals which they have picked up in the forest or in the city suburbs. Kharkov citizens who can't stay indifferent to animals who are in danger. Thus in the beginning of January the Zoo acquired a new inhabitant, a buzzard. The bird was picked in Balakleya twon. A healthy sturdy carnivorous bird would never let anyone handle it. It was obvious that the bird was exhausted and distressed.


The adaptation took a short while. After several days of stay the buzzardgot used to its enclosure and to its staff who took care of it. The bird was fed chickens and rats. In three months' time the buzzard got well. Its health condition left no doubt and it was decided to release it into the wild. The Zoo specialists went outside the city into the forest park zone and released it. Having been let out, the bird disappeared out of sight in the nick of time.


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